SEHARC Movie Discount Tickets for Carmike (AMC) & Fridley

It is with sad regret that SEHARC will have to quit offering Movie Discount tickets to State Employees.

Carmike Theatres have been bought out by AMC and their movie discount offer is only a .99 cent savings and it’s not worth the savings anymore when the movies are $9.49 and the discount ticket is at $8.50.
SEHARC has some tickets still available and will sell what is left at the $7.50 and I am told that the tickets will still be honored but Please always check first with the Theatre that you are going to.
Also on the Fridley Theatre side we are losing the Movie Theatre in Ankeny so that means the only two that are close is Copper Creek in Pleasant Hill and the one in Indianola, so SEHARC will not be selling those tickets either.  Again SEHARC will sell what they have left at the current cost of $7.00.
I have been with SEHARC for the past 21 years and it is very sad that this has come to an end.  IF the Theatres whether it be AMC, Cinemark or others, their discount ticket price comes down then it could start back up again but for less than a dollar SEHARC doesn’t see the savings to employees anymore.
Sheri Stephens